How to Upgrade to Audience Kitchen Pro

Get a taste with a free account, then upgrade to a paid subscription when you’re ready for the whole smorgasborg.

With a free account (“basic’), you’re limited to viewing the top 8 search results. By upgrading to a paid subscription (“pro”), you’ll gain unlimited access to everything Audience Kitchen has to offer.

How to Upgrade to Audience Kitchen Pro

  1. Sign up for a free account  (or login to your existing one)
  2. Tap Upgrade from anywhere within Audience Kitchen
  1. Choose a subscription length, and click Continue

If you have a Promo Code, enter it next to the blue arrow above and then press enter

  1.  Enter your credit card information (powered by Stripe) and press Subscribe
  1. Everything in Audience Kitchen immediately becomes visible!

Learn how to use Audience Kitchen in 3 easy steps

Team Subscriptions Available

If you want access for your entire team, our Team plan enables you to start a single subscription that automatically enables access for multiple people at your organization (

  • Small Team: Access for up to 7 users for a total of $249/month (Enter promo code TEAM249 during upgrade)
  • Large Team: Access for more than 7 Users: Contact Us for a Quote