Audience Kitchen is profiled in award-winning industry publication, AdExchanger

In today’s story in AdExchanger about Audience Kitchen, Senior Editor Allison Schiff sums up why brands and agencies are using the tool to find relevant audience segments to target in Facebook and Instagram:

If advertisers feel that they’re missing something in Ads Manager, perhaps it’s because they are. – Allison Schiff, AdExchanger

In the in-depth overview, she goes further by describing:

  • The way Audience Kitchen helps advertisers identify a “wider selection of Facebook audiences that don’t surface when searching for Facebook’s own UI”
  • How Audience Kitchen “offers better search results through an integration with the Facebook API in tandem with its own AI-powered recommendation algorithm.
  • How Jellyfish, a leading global digital marketing firm, uses Audience Kitchen to “drill down into more specific segments” and “focus on the interests and communities of people” who are most relevant to reach

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